Conversion SEO

Conversion-focused SEO becomes more popular and wins new fans due to its effectiveness and great results.

Most of SEO tactics are targeted at increasing website's position in search engines. This is so called rank-focused SEO. It uses old and proven set of tools: content, link building, keyword targeting and search engine rankings. This approach is good when you need to increase the number of visitors who come to your website. Unfortunately, it has nothing to do with increasing sales. Here comes analytical-driven SEO that is primary targeted at profitability of organic search.

Conversion SEO

Hopefully, today search engines show high level of development, offering to website owners high selection of tools far beyond ranking. Google's algorithm can be a powerful tool in detecting post-click user and conversion metrics.

If you want to make your website more conversion-centric, you should make some adjustments into your current SEO tactics. The following advices will help you to determine the list of important actions.

- First assign dollar value. You can do it in your web analytics platform. Assign different data like keywords and keyword categories to be conversed into dollar value. If you use internal tracking system, do not make it limited exclusively to advertising campaigns as you should track URL traffic too.

- Even though your landing page may get high rank and gain much traffic, it may not definitely spark conversions. Carefully check all pages in terms of their contribution as initiator, select pages that land pages that do this, analyze them and optimize your website

- Major target verticals proportion value is the next thing to be customized. You can attach different approach to various segments of market. Determine most important user segments and sort offerings.

Let's say you've got a company that offers moving services. You may decide to establish different value propositions for different groups of potential clients, for example, one proposition for clients who are "on budget" and another one for clients who pay attention to moving company qualities like coverage. Creating separate SEO page for all these groups of clients is a good idea.

- Check title and descriptions you have on your page. It's better if they appear in SERP listing as this seriously affects the way users click your organic listing.

- Anchor, placement and other internal linking systems should be reviewed. Try not to stick to a thought that linking should be PageRank focused. Try to look at website structure as a visitor and make links appealing and effective.

- Select best converting keywords and on their basis build your keyword targeting strategy. In order to create ROI-driven keyword targeting plan quite often paid professional searches are ordered.

- Click stream to conversion is relatively new area. In many cases user comes to website several times before conversion. This may happen because of use of various keywords or links in multiple websites. Try to set up your analytics system in a way that will clearly show contribution of each stream. This way you will see what keywords are more "yielding" than others. Keywords usually play different roles: there are those that generate traffic or increase awareness and some keywords are perfect for making that "last click" conversion.

- Do not stop at your current position and try to explore new niches, expand your keyword base and try to optimize smaller segments and micro ad groups. Your overall success consists of progress in those micro segments.

Segmentation is a widespread tool in marketing and it works in SEO as well. Establish your segments first. These can be niches, competitive markets, geo location or keyword groups and SEO target pages. Optimizing each segment you improve overall situation.

Internet changes and becomes more sophisticated, so change techniques aimed at gaining more profit from your web project. By customizing different verticals values, SEO conversion funnel, testing SERP snippets, creating strategies for linking and reviewing keyword groups you can boost your results.