Google Link Building

Link building is usually the aspect that is boring and tiring. You may feel nothing changes and you just waste your time, but in true you work over your future profits. The results from link building are not seen immediately, but they will show up as Google Page Rank increasing and better search engine position.

Google Links

PageRank is not the most important thing that everyone is crazy about, but it's still a significant aspect of popularity and a status thing, so you shouldn't neglect it. Page rank is mostly determined by backlinks. Without them you can even forget about getting better PR.

Many people think of backlinking as of the importance to spread links to your website anywhere and thus get desired results. This approach is somewhat incorrect and most probably it won't turn your website into a leader. The following advices will help you to get some details about smart backlinking and save much time and efforts.

Relevant links are your best friends

The times when Google bot just counted number of backlinks are gone. Today in order to succeed your links should be relevant. This means they should be in websites that have similar thematic to yours. These links are the most valuable.

Nofollow links are worthless

Currently many websites use "nofollow" tag. Originally it's been created to protect websites from spammers and their software that posts links on random websites. Nofollow tag prevents a link from being credited as a backlink one, so for SEO purposes they become useless.

Anchor texts are welcome

Anchor texts are very important as they help creating really quality backlinks. Each backlink contains the link itself and text that describes it. In order to get best results you should use your keywords as anchor text.

Try to become linked by high rated websites

It's clear that links from websites with high Page Rank are more valuable than links from low rated ones and thus these links are more important for you. Note Page Rank value is always the highest for home page (also known as top level URL) and decreases for outbound links, so there's no wonder why everyone's eager to get links from home pages of high PR websites - they give you the most.

Try to get permanent links

Many website owners face the same sad situation - they spend much time and efforts building backlinks. They increase PR just to see the rating dropped later. This often happens in case you lose your backlinks. Quite often people use special link services and buy links, but usually this requires monthly payments, so as soon as you stop paying your links will be removed and this will cause drop in rankings too.

Do not try to boost your Google Page Rank fast. Try to work on your rating constantly and without haste. Building permanent quality backlinks will help you to increase your PageRank and get more traffic and money.