Link Building With The Help of Blog

Blog is a particular type of website that is mainly aimed at getting comments from visitors and gaining regular auditory. Usually blogs contain graphics and videos. The majority of blogs are devoted to a particular theme and track all news in this field, however there are also ones that act as web diaries.

link posting

Link building involves posting a link to a blog. This can be done by agreement with blog owner or some blogs even offer free link posting, in most cases when websites can exchange links.

Link building for blog can be done in a number of ways. First you can ask your visitors politely to post links to your blog whenever they use information from it or just add it to their accounts in social networks recommending it to friends. This approach is going to work in case your blog operates in a field where competition is not very tight and your blog provides relevant and unique information.

One more suggestion is to participate in forums with orientation close to your blog theme. In these forums usually people discuss themes posted in some blogs or websites and share opinions. Also there are huge blogs that have own forums and where visitors can comment or share links.

Do not neglect Facebook groups, Google groups and Yahoo Best answers. These are special blog pages where people ask questions and other visitors can give answers providing links to pages with helpful information. Also some people just write articles and encourage others to give comments.

Today it's hard to underestimate popularity of online encyclopedias like Wikipedia or Squidoo. Users can create pages in these websites and post information on the selected theme and then post a link to blog or website as a reference. The next thing that should be mentioned concerns RSS (Really Simple Syndicate). This is widely known web feed format and wonderful link building tool. Today the number of blogs increases greatly and people simply have no time to visit them all. RSS feeds contain news headlines, text, video/audio and other information.

You can past full news to feed or previews only. RSS is a great way to remind your visitors about your blog and make them keep up with all updates. Services like YouTube are unbelievably popular these days. People keep browsing and watching absolutely different videos and audios. If you manage to build an auditory, you can post links in video description or include website name to video. Such video blog can become a steady source of traffic.

Finally, the last source where you can post your links is websites and blogs that accept articles. You can hire a service that works in this field or do it your self. Certainly, hiring professionals will save you much time as they already have database with article directories and niche blogs that accept articles with links. If you do not have enough funds, then you will have to spend some time detecting them and make unique content. Do not worry about being rejected - usually such websites accept 100% publications.