SEO Writer

Today many website owners understand how crucial SEO is and try to promote their projects in order to get better position, rankings and, as a result, more profit. That's why there's no wonder why all professions connected with SEO become more popular and specialists in this field don't sit without work. SEO writers are among them.

SEO Writer

As you may know SEO means search engine optimization. This is the sphere of IT that's primary target is to promote website by making it 'search engine friendly'. Search engines like Google or Yahoo have robots that visit websites, check their keywords and index them. When someone uses search engine to find information, system analyzes visitor's query and shows suggestions in the form of search result. SEO tries to optimize website and make it more valuable for search engine, thus gain higher rating and better position is search results.

So what SEO writers do? They optimize websites, turning them into money making machines. Well written and SEO friendly text will be valuable for both search engines and visitors and thus more revenue is expected for you as website owner.

SEO writers usually charge something like from ten to twenty-thirty dollars for an article of 500-700 words, depending of writer's level and rating. Today many SEO writers do not only perform writing tasks, but also check keywords, continually examine website rankings (either overall rankings or rankings for separate keywords), work over link building and perform other actions. Such specialists usually make from $400 to several thousands of dollars a month. No need to say the more services are provided by SEO writer, the more he/she earns.

SEO market is still in lack of professionals, so this profession in on the rise these days. As in all other cases when demand exceeds supply, some SEO companies offer skyrocketing rates. However, lack of specialists is greatly compensated by independent professionals that have very reasonable price lists. They can be found at multiple freelance websites, where you can easily hire SEO writer that won't crush your budget.