Proper Keywords for Website

As we all know, SEO (or Search Engine Optimization) is impossible without determining right keywords which is not always a simple task. Even if you're not the first day in using and applying SEO techniques, sometimes it becomes really hard to choose several simple words that open the door to your success.

keyword popularity

If you're not aware with the fact how SEO works, go to any search engine like Google and type any search phrase. You will be displayed the list of search engine results that are ranked. The order in which websites are listed is totally SEO part. If you start searching SEO articles, you may find ones that talk about link building or optimizing websites, but actually not many tell about keywords and this is a real mistake. Keywords are the basis and without determining the right ones reaching success will be too complicated.

When I need to find proper keyword for my own website, I first make a short test. Open Google and try to make a search using one of your keywords. Your aim is to determine how many websites use this keyword in link. Certainly, if you browse pages and there are websites with the keyword in links up to 20th page, it will be really hard to see your website at first or at least at second page. Note this search doesn't show keyword popularity. It just shows "the supply" - the number of companies or websites that offer this information or service.

Many people skip everything that concerns Google AdWords theme as they know it's about spending money or showing your advertisings on Google. However AdWords has some tools that are absolutely free. Keyword tool is one of them. By using it you can determine keywords popularity, get data concerning their monthly search volume and see competition level for each phrase. This is a great way to make the list of most important keywords.

When you try to select keywords, do not stick to those that come with high popularity and high competition. Even though some keyword may be popular and have a search volume of, let's say, 1000 a month, but you will appear max on page 5 or 6, you will never benefit from it. Instead of it try to select a keywords that is less popular (for example, has monthly search volume of 100), but you will appear on the first page.

People rarely look at more than 1-2 pages of search results, so top websites get the most share of traffic. With rare keywords you will have 100 potential customers a month opposite to some undefined prospects. Location is very important for SEO. If you offer services or products in your region, always include its name into keywords as you can get to top page much easier with its help. Do not think what keyword gains more search queries, think of keywords that attract customers (f.e. Naruto Shippuuden).

Finally, today many companies offer SEO help for various prices from a hundred to several hundreds a month. Browse their offers carefully as you can trap into a situation when you will pay money just to find out your stats like your rank, ranks of your competitors and other information you can get absolutely free. Certainly, the situation is completely different in case they apply efforts to increase your rank (for example, post articles), but if you do the majority of work by yourself and they just track it, save you money for something better.