SEO for Small Business

Do you think that all places on the first page of Google search results are already taken and you have no chance? Indeed, squeezing to the top is not easy, but this should become the main aim of any website owner.

The problem is, people rarely browse several pages of search engine results and so top websites get the biggest share of relevant traffic.

SEO Business

No need to say that competition among websites in top 10 rank or even top 100 for some areas is really tough. If your project is young or not yet very popular, there's no way you can see your website on the first page.

The only advice applicable here concerns determining your niche and trying to succeed there. For example, if your website has computer based theme, trying to become one of leading websites for "computer" keyword is nearly useless.

Many small businesses work mostly in their region and so primary target group will be people who live there. In this case you should make your keywords geo oriented. For example, you have a firm that sells computer hardware in some city.

Go ahead and make your keywords look like "[your region or city name] computer hardware". Then select some products that are most popular and make keywords like "buy hard drive [your city]". Use keyword suggestion tools like Google Keywords in order to get more variants and find most fitting ones.

The next thing to do is to develop content or pages that contain these keywords. Your keywords should appear in title and description of the page. Also you should use your keywords in text to make search engine spiders think you have relevant content. Your title should be informative and contain at least 1 (better 2) keywords. For our example the title can look like "[Your city] computer hardware: motherboards, graphic cards, hard drives and many more". Use <h1> tag for header.

Today even web shops prefer to make some pages with content. Such approach is an opportunity to add relevant content to your website and increase site's rank. For our example I'd recommend adding an article like "How to select hard drive".

The next part of your plan should be devoted to getting a many backlinks as you can. Web 2.0 offers not only good socializing experience. It has given birth to a series of free websites where you can post content. The only term - your content should be original. If you don't have time or writing skills, you can always hire a professional writer at freelance sites as, and many more. The rates of today's freelancers are more than reasonable.

The article should contain your keywords. Also you need to add "anchor text links" - a link with keyword that leads to your website. Usually such links are posted in the end of an article, however, sometimes they can be added to other parts.

If you have decided to create content by your own, use any tool like Word for this purpose. When you will need to add a link, highlight the phrase, make right mouse click and select a submenu "Hyperlink" in the pop up menu. The only thing you will have to do is to add webpage address to "Address" bar.

Now, when your content is ready it's time to publish it to already mentioned Web 2.0 websites. Create accounts in all popular websites like,,,,,,, and others. Post your articles with text links that lead to your website.

Another group of Web 2.0 websites that cannot be neglected are social bookmarking sites. There's no doubt you have heard at least about one of them -,,,, are popular today and it's quite prestigious to have links from them to your website.

To make your presence even more vivid use Google AdWords and Google Local services. All these methods, when used in conjunction, will help to gain sufficient results and soon you will notice your website has much better position.