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Title: 7 SEO Mistake
Post by: viveks28 on 08-05-2016, 06:26:47
Avoid 7 SEO Mistakes:

1. Missing Keywords in Title and Descriptions:

2. Missing keywords in Image Tag:

3. Never Boost Up high traffic webpage and search queries:

4. Write long content:

5. Lack of keywords :

6. Missing Rich snippet:

7. Avoiding Old pages:
Title: Re: 7 SEO Mistake
Post by: TomClarke on 08-10-2016, 06:24:34
Here are the most common mistakes in SEO:
- you are not using the Google keyword tool;
- you do no have unique title tags and description;
- you are not active in social media;
- you are not promoting your blog posts;
- you have not registered your web site with Google and Bing webmaster tools;
- you do not have a consistent publishing plan;
- you are not a Google verified author;
- you are not doing internal linking;
- you have a slow loading web page;
- you are buildign incoming links too fast.