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9 Must Know Image Optimization Tips for Search


Roy Milson:
Image optimization can be an important part of building a successful business.

9 Must Know Image Optimization Tips for Search:

1. Name Your Images Descriptively and in Plain English

2. Optimize Your Alt Tags Intelligently

3. Strategize Your Image Dimensions and Product Angles

4. Reduce the File Sizes of Your Images

5. Know Which Image File Type to Use for the Right Situations

6. Know How To Handle Your Thumbnails

7. Use Image Site Maps

8. Beware of Your Decorative Images

9. Use Caution When Using Content Delivery Networks

Shikha Singh:
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Keep posting.

Neha Pande:
1.    Try to create your own unique image. 

2.    The size of the image matters

3.    Filenames should be descriptive.

4.    The file should be resized.

5.    Make use of Alt Text to describe the image

6.    Make sure the file type is right (JPEG, GIF, or PNG)

7.    Make Your Images Mobile-Friendly

8.    Make sure your sitemap contains images

9.    Make sure your images have titles, descriptions, and captions.


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