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I am doing seo for years but i am doing same techniques. Anyone can give you idea what search engine optimization you are using now and the advance SEO

You can use following techniques
1. Video marketing and slide presentations
2. Geo tragetting
3. Blog carnivals
4. Promotions through Interviews
5. Viral Ebooks

I've always kept things simple and stick to the core link building activity to get the majority of my results. Building good solid links from related sites and good ip neighbourhoods is the key. It sets the foundations for future success.

Once I have some presence on the SERPS, I'll compliment that with further advertising or promotion on sites like Youtube, Myspace, Facebook.

All the traffic and hits add up. Certainly google knows which sites are popular and which aren't so increase that traffic any way you cann because google will pick up on that.

Some other ones are: Yahoo Answers I like this method, you answer relevant questions with a backlink to your site.  Another is forum signatures do this only in relevant forums because if you do in relevant forums it will also help your seo.

How you can get back links from Yahoo answers?? even there are you can't make a hyperlink for your website, even URL also displaying as text (no link).


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