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Banned from google ? Help!


Hi guys,

I launched a site 2 years ago and it was doing well on the SERP's. I haven't touched the site for a while and when I went to it today it was hаcked and had some pоrn images on it.

I fixed the site back up and then went to check it's SERP rankings. Apparently it's banned on google ? I think this is unfair but is it possible to get back on ? and how do i go about this ?  ???

Firstly, verify if it's banned here:
Google Banned Checker

and if it's banned, you should write letter to Google team.
It could help you to comeback.

Google can be a bear about things like that.  Good luck to you!

Thanks for the tips guys! I've checked that site and it's definitely banned.

I've contact google team for a reconsideration request. Fingers crossed Guys!

See how things change so rapidly when you do not touch a website for a while!  Internet is so vast and there are great number of ways to exploit when we turn to be inadvertent. 


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