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Blackhat trick for adsense...


i was searching internet yesterday and I found a blackhat method for adsense....
Method is chating on chat sites..
1) Go to omegle . com
2) chat with one user
3) Ask him if he knows about adsense, if he don't know about it promise him to show ***e photo of yourself(girl) in return of click on adsense ads..
4) If he agree give him your website name and tell him to click three different ads..(omegle . com don't show links we have to copy and paste to the browser, so no worry of getting caught by adsense)
5) After clicking ads, tell him to ****
6) now impression part, Open opera browser do 20 impressions or refresh by yourself and you got money to your adsense account...

I don't know whether this method is toooo illegal or not, I didnt tried it...'
What do here SEO proffessionals say about this?


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