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Flash WebSite's Bad?


Hi guys, is it true that flash websites can't be read by SE's?
I was searching for some info while surfing the web and came to this site that stated flash website can't be read by SE's so it wouldn't go top rated for search results.

Google can read flash, but not surely.
Other SEs probably cannot dip inside flash.
I advise you place at least a little text describing your movie.

Google must extract text and links from flash. But others search engines can't handle Flash, so they will view the other content. The primary content may contain links, headings, styled text, images - anything we can add to an ordinary HTML page. Seo flash problems is a non-issue.

Normal XHTML sites will always fair better but there are ways now to embed text that is readable by search engines. It's still however not the best implementation for SEO purposes.


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