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Title: Google Images Promotion
Post by: mangoface on 05-02-2010, 22:05:40
Any tips on promoting for google images ? e.g. the most liked image formats ? most preferred sizes etc. Does the filename have more of an impact on inclusion or is it the keywords and text on the page it's found.

I've got loads of traffic from google images in the past and just wanted to get everyone's experiences on what works and what doesn't, because optimizing for google images does and will bring in loads of longterm traffic!
Title: Re: Google Images Promotion
Post by: truffleshuffle on 05-02-2010, 22:08:22
I never really considered google images that much but recently checked my analytics account for one of my desktop wallpapers sites. And you're right, I've got some really cool rankings for some majorly searched google image keywords.. e.g. dinosaur picture, I'm on page 1.

I think it's definitely an overlooked part of SEO. I just checked the page and filename for the dinosaur picture image i'm ranked, and I don't have the term "dinosaur picture" within the filename (it's a .jpg btw). However the page it's on does have that as a <h1> tag, so maybe that helps more. Plus i'm seeing a couple of images on their that have names like 12345xs435345.jpg.
Title: Re: Google Images Promotion
Post by: Nicpoint45 on 05-05-2010, 04:05:01
I have never promoted images for Google, but i think that you should always use ALT attribute with good description to get good position in google images. !-!
Title: Re: Google Images Promotion
Post by: PCKen on 05-08-2010, 15:24:46
I think the best way to promote images is giving them relevant info descriptions and promoting the PAGE the image is on rather than the image itself.  Spiders will index the site and index the images in the same go
Title: Re: Google Images Promotion
Post by: tradedemon on 05-10-2010, 04:01:26
I've noticed that .jpg/.gif files are the most easy to index. So using them instead of say .png is much better for you. I'd also suggest the same as above, i.e. relevant keywords in your filename and alt, title tags set on the page they're hosted.
Title: Re: Google Images Promotion
Post by: rajeshmehra615 on 09-19-2016, 02:21:24
At whatever point Google puts a page result in the principal position, as an element, and, asking besides any portable contemplations, are there known qualities about these pictures and its cosmetics - some favored speculations - that can secure the #1 position.