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Title: Help Needed on Google Local SEO
Post by: accidentalseo on 06-22-2015, 06:23:25
Hi there,

I'm working on local seo for a website. I need to implement the google local business for the website.

I have used another company's local seo to demonstrate the task.

The task is, when a user queries the company name in, the google should display the information about the company on the right hand side.

Please refer to the below image to understand better.


Now I need to implement the same for another company.

I have implemented all the things that required to show up company information on the right hand side of the

I have done the following things:

Google local business profile verified.

Verified google local business profile in linked with homepage

schema code are implemented in the webpage.

please mention if i missed something. Now the problem is when the company's phone number typed into the google the company information is shown at right hand side. But the when the company name is typed it doesn't shows.

Can anyone suggest what i'm missing or what are the actionable items to implement the change. thanks.
Title: Re: Help Needed on Google Local SEO
Post by: searchcandy on 06-23-2015, 18:30:40
I recommend trying to citations and links from local websites.

Eg local directories, newspapers, magazines, clubs, industry organisations etc.

It sounds like you have done a good job on the technical side of things, I was going to recommend structured markup on the address.
Title: Re: Help Needed on Google Local SEO
Post by: ichnolite on 06-25-2015, 03:53:38
All you did and all suggested by Searchcandy is good for your website's local Presence. Along with that try to reviews on that business, I mean genuine business.  Share something interesting on the page along that, try to get followers if possible. That gives your page a boost to come up on top like you wished.