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Hiding Referrer URL


Let's say I want to hide referrers to

And, by saying I want to hide them, I want them to show up as having NO referring URL, not even a clean site URL. This would apply to search engine traffic, adwords, anything and everything.

Is this possible?

I don't know if your trying to do it through your browser or with a script but

I found this extension in firefox I'm using because I don't want to send any referrers from this site to any external sites so the things this site offers for free gets taken down because the vendor checks their referrers. Its called No-Referrer at .At first I though you had to enter the URL of the site you didn't want to send a refer from but if you do that it Just blocks any referrers being sent to only that site, not from that site to an external. So I just set it to block 3rd Party requests only. That way only referrals are sent if it is coming from the site itself.


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