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How many backlinks do you do for your website?

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How many backlinks do you do for your website every day? And what‘s the suitable quantity of daily backlinks?
Backlinks in which platform is better to the pagerank? Blog? forum? or something else?

It depends on your website's age and the niche. I wouldn't recommend to do many backlinks in the first two months. Build up your links slowly and constantly and don't forget to look at your competitors. If they are quite young, but have many backlinks and good positions in Google - follow their strategy.

Hello Apexis :)
As per mine experience its not define by search engine how many back links we should get on day by day. Its not matter where you get back links. Please try to do good quality and dofollow websites and no spam... ;)

Engagedots CRM:
Quantitative number of backlinks are not important. Backlinks must be qualitative. 

Our goal as SEO is not just to mimic the activities of the online environment but to make things real, organic and updated. Always remember that one quality link is better than a thousand crap links.


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