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How to map keywords correctly?



My keywords are ranking but they are ranking on the Home page I already created a page to target them but they are not mapping on that page so I want to know how I correctly map them?

An easy-to-follow guide to keyword mapping:

Step 1: Locate your most important pages.
Step 2: Look for a keyword to use as a seed.
Step 3: Extend the scope of your seed keyword.
Step 4: Create a keyword map.
Step 5: Create a road map for on-page optimization.


I hope you are doing well. I want to tell you that main reason behind Google not showing exact correct page in the SERP is it is not thinking page you created is relevant but your site has information for the same query so this is the main reason Google not mapping correct page.

There are a few steps you can take to ensure you're mapping your keywords correctly.

First, identify the main concepts or ideas in your piece of content. For each concept, come up with 1-3 keywords or key phrases that accurately describe it. Once you have your list of keywords, start thinking about where they would fit best within your content. Try to sprinkle them throughout in a natural way - don't force them in just for the sake of stuffing in keywords.

Finally, take a look at your competitor's content and see how they've mapped their own keywords. This can give you some good insight into how to structure yours.

Build a list of your target keywords. Keyword mapping starts with proper keyword research to find all the keywords you already rank for, as well as new keywords you want to target. You can check what keywords already bring you traffic with Google Search Console and find new keyword ideas with Google Analytics.


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