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How to resolve broken backlink issue ?

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There are different methods to fix the broken Backlink Problem of the website
•        You have to check is there any Typo as it is one of the most common causes for broken links and you can fix it easily.
•        You can make the page real again this is the best solution to fix broken links in SEO terms.
•        Redirect is the method google recommends for fixing broken internal links. It redirects you to a relevant post or a category or tag page.
•        The last is to delete the broken link which is the easiest method to deal with.

One common cause of broken internal links is typos.
Make the Page Real Again. This is the best solution for fixing broken links in terms of SEO, especially if the missing page has backlinks pointing to it.
Delete the Broken Link.

"A broken backlink is an incoming link pointing to an “error 404” page of a target business website.
Within Ahrefs Site also shows, we have a "Broken backlinks" report. It shows all the broken referring pages that link to 404 pages of a target business website along with their anchor and surrounding texts or contents. To resolve the broken backlink issue-
1. Detect dead pages on the top sites in your niche
2. Find broken outlines on those same websites
3. Find niche-relevant expired domains with backlinks
4. Find broken links by scraping resource/links pages in your niche
5. simple tips for successful “broken link building” outreach
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The most common cause of broken backlinks are typos or errors in typing the address of any particular web page. If you have a large website then ideally the entire site should be audited for broken links. You can get rid of broken links altogether and also try and put live links to replace the broken ones. Other options to get around broken backlinks is to use redirects as well as making the page real again.


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