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How to use Google Analytics to track Facebook likes?

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Roy Milson:
How to use Google Analytics to track Facebook likes?

Steps for tracking Facebook 'likes' and 'unlikes' in Google Analytics
 Install Facebook JavaScript SDK on your site
 Add Facebook Social Interactions tracking code on your site. Keep this code right below the Facebook Social Interactions tracking code.
By doing this u can track Facebook 'likes' and 'unlikes'

You can do it with the help of social interaction web tracking. You can add a custom script using FB.Event.subscribe function to start tracking clicks.

In order to implement Social Interaction Tracking, you will have to update your current Google Analytics code to the latest version, and then add a few snippets of code to your HTML file.

I think you can track these deeply in Facebook Insight instead of in GG Analytics. At FB Insight, you can track almost everything you want about your FB Fanpage such as Fan, Engagement, Reach, Post, Click, Impressions,...and many other factors.


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