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I am tired and exhausted but ....?


Two months ago I created my site on the topic of Health Fitness and Beauty Tips. My SEO teacher told me some techniques to bring it visible in search engine. In response I book mark my site on more than 1200 different social bookmarking sites. join more than 100 forums and tried my best to get traffic. My site has gain page rank 1/10 in one month but the traffic condition is very poor. I am now tired and exhausted to see little traffic. The main problem is that most of the forum don't allow their members to place links and consider it spamming. so most of the accounts on forums have been banned. I find no way to get traffic.

On this Forum, If any SEO master read my post then he may give his precious advice by email and if he consider to visit my site he may check my Profile where its link is available.

I will be great thankful for any favor.


With Best Regards

Alya Jabeen

Something you can try is to do some article submission.  Write a couple of articles in your niche, and submit them to 10 directory submission sites.  Be careful because in a lot of the directories, you cannot have your links in the article, or have your article look like a sales page. You can have links in the resource boxes, though.  It is tough, but it takes some time.  Be patient and your traffic will grow.  You just have to keep working on it.


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