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Title: I mistakenly allowed development sites to get indexed -- how to fix?
Post by: webprguy on 07-13-2015, 22:32:26
I have a blog at and my hosting acct allows for multiple sites in subfolders. So I use this hosting account for development sites, such as,, etc.

I should have put these development sites behind a password, or used the WordPress settings to discourage SE indexing, but I didn't. Moreover, I failed to close down the development sites when they went live (on other hosting accounts and domains).

The content of these sites is now in the Google index. Won't this eventually cause duplicate content problems? If I shut down the development sites now (or put them behind a password), won't that create a lot of 404s and won't that negatively affect my blog in the root folder?

What would be a good strategy to deal with this?