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Is Keyword Density still important in SEO?

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Roy Milson:
Is Keyword Density still important in SEO?

yes ;)
It will create the difference in Ranking, Indexing and crawling.

No, Google took the focus away from keyword density.

You can create your primary keyword just once or twice and then try to focus on synonyms and semantics (related words).

For example, if jogging shoes are your primary keyword, remember to also build in related words such as sports shoes, (brand name) jogging shoes, (brand name) sports shoes, jogging gear, best shoes for jogging, etc.

As long as you write in a natural way you don't need to be worried about keyword density. Don't use same words again and again instead use similar words, synonyms instead of using same keyword again and again. The main thing is the content quality.

Yeah! keyword density is very much important for your SEO Page content 1-3% is the optimum keyword density for better ranking..


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