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Title: Is SEO a waste of time?
Post by: Williams Reus on 10-18-2016, 10:14:35
Virtually everything I read and practice regarding SEO simply spells out the importance of building backlinks and quality content - including on-page SEO and off-page SEO.
If just building backlinks then it spends pretty your time while you can not maintain or know exactly the result that search engines will give you. Instead of that, we should focus on creating quality content for our audience.
Am I right on this? Is SEO a waste of time?

Please share your thoughts!
Title: Re: Is SEO a waste of time?
Post by: yoginetindia on 10-22-2016, 07:41:44
I spend 3 hours a day doing link building for my company website
So doing link building is never waste of time.
Offpage activities ( link building ) is as essential as making good website with fresh original content .

Title: Re: Is SEO a waste of time?
Post by: apwebsolutions on 11-04-2016, 09:09:23
It most certainly is not a waste of time. It jus takes a whole lot of time, patience and testing.

Your idea of focussing on content is not a bad one, because great quality does get some good links but not always and you do not have full control over it. If you enjoy the content creation part, then I would say go ahead and do it. But if you going to be spending a LOT of your time creating said content, purely for the purpose of ranking in Google, then you might be in for some disappointment. Because as I said, you may not get ANY links from a piece of content you created OR the ones you get may not be the best quality ones.

I'd personally suggest doing a bit of both. Greet content is going to help you convert traffic anyway so you can't go wrong there, but also don't abandon SEO completely.
Title: Re: Is SEO a waste of time?
Post by: SerenMckay on 11-05-2016, 00:11:46
Of course not. It’s not a waste of time , but yes, it does take a lot more time, compared to PPC to start showing the results and hence some people may lose patience and start thinking it’s a waste of time. Also, doing good SEO requires a high degree of talent and constantly staying on top of the fast changing world of SEO techniques. Google ensures that you are on your toes with their frequent updates to search engine ranking algorithms. Like so many other things in life, patience pays of and in the long run good SEO coupled with good content marketing can result in cheaper traffic to your site than any other means. Black hat SEO techniques are usually short-lived and may deliver instant results for a short time. A better way to achieve the same result is using Pay Per Click( PPC ) campaigns.
Title: Re: Is SEO a waste of time?
Post by: Intuz on 11-05-2016, 04:42:05
I think, if you give right efforts and time to SEO, it will work for you.
Use content, authoritative back-links, strong social profiles with niche followers, strong SEO friendly website.
SEO always take some time to show results than other marketing tactics.
Title: Re: Is SEO a waste of time?
Post by: SEO.Ninja on 11-07-2016, 21:46:53
No, SEO is not  a waste of time. It takes some time to get in rank on search engine, but once it comes give proper result and better business. If you talk about the time it will take around 2 months. All depends on your website design and content as per the Google guidelines.
Title: Re: Is SEO a waste of time?
Post by: hrishivardhan on 11-07-2016, 22:39:27
SEO is never a waste of time. yes it is becoming complex day by day. but believe me we still have the biggest source of traffic is only google. so for that traffic seo is needed. and you should never close SEO.
Title: Re: Is SEO a waste of time?
Post by: jeffmarlon on 11-08-2016, 23:16:10
No. SEO is not a waste of time. Did you experience it? I am optimizing websites for more than 5 years and I never felt it. It is true that results from organic SEO takes time but it doesn't mean that link building is a waste of time. That results from quality link building are long lasting and permanent.
Title: Re: Is SEO a waste of time?
Post by: damponting44 on 11-15-2016, 23:14:43
Simply think for a minute. What catchphrases or expressions would you say you are attempting to rank for? Whatever they are, you will have organization. So you will wind up playing watchword jump for eternity.

This is precisely SEO advisors need. The more jump you play, the more they make off you But managing SEO is entirely basic. Give me a chance to clarify. When you aim to buy something- - or discover data about something- - where'd you go? Odds are you will look on google. What's more, what does google need? Google needs you to find the right solution to your question. The calculation doesn't simply search for coordinating pages on the Internet and say 'this is the reply'. Rather, it searches for a page on an important and definitive site which gives the most applicable solution for your question. Say for instance somebody is scanning for 'Is SEO an exercise in futility?'. You used to have the capacity to rank well for a solitary page site along the lines of: 'SEO is an exercise in futility. Purchase my book for $99 to discover why.' Would this site answer your question? Obviously not. Furthermore, google needs you to find the solution somewhere else.
Title: Re: Is SEO a waste of time?
Post by: hynds on 11-16-2016, 06:26:37
SEO is always the most important channel in general Digital marketing. This will help you in your long term campaign and drive organic traffic for your website, so I think SEO is never waste your time. In order to avoid waste your time, I think you need to prepare a good plan and budget on it. Doing SEO is not a thing that getting result instantly, in many cases it will take you 6 months - 12 months or even more to see the acceptable result.

Good luck to you,