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Title: list the free software used in seo to post link to several social media site
Post by: mishellrogen on 04-30-2013, 06:30:22
I am tired of doing manual submission of links ,article ,classified to social bookmarking sites,directory and classified sites.please tell me about the free software that are in use today for automatic posting.please also tell me the list of paid software too and also mention their use.  ???
Title: Re: list the free software used in seo to post link to several social media site
Post by: kormeysin on 05-01-2013, 06:37:59
I hear you, and I know how cumbersome gaining quality backlinks can be for any search engine optimisation projects you embark on. I will honestly tell you that the best way of gaining those quality backlinks is the exact steps you are already following "manually"
Furthermore, you can find many software which will promise you to make the SEO process easy (perhaps with a click of a button) but I would strongly encourage you to not waste time with such software and do so continue doing everything manually. Although slow it will seem, but, you will most certainly be within Google guidelines when you do (because Google is smart) and one of those smart factors is "time" they keep track of internet, and all your backlinks if done manually, will certainly be within the safe area for Google rankings, as opposed to blasting a software in to the internet realm. Also, most places where you can get quality backlinks will not allow such automated software to post links anyway. So don't bother is what I say, and simply continue doing everything manually.
My suggestion will be for you to download this software (very user friendly and easy to learn) and will save time for you while you embark on keeping your profiles login details safe and easy to manage (also, you can with a click of a button, open URL's, and with another click, all your login details are filled out for you) I hope you will use it when you want to save time online
Title: Re: list the free software used in seo to post link to several social media site
Post by: RafaelJames on 05-02-2013, 02:25:39
I understand your problem about link building manually. It is not an easy way to build back links through different Off page SEO techniques. If you use automated link building tools then you can build many back links easily in a very short time but i think manual link  building is still far more better than any automated link building techniques. Try to build quality back links to high PR websites through directories, articles, social bookmarks, forums, blog comments and guest posts. You can get high PR of websites with the help of manual link building to high PR websites.