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Title: Non tematical traffic
Post by: majento on 09-29-2020, 13:20:32
Hello! I have a technical SEO optimization site that has a section about SEO tools, and among them is a Spell Checker tool. By itself, this tool is NOT SEO and is located deep on the inner page. The traffic goes to it regularly, 200-300 visits per day.
However, to the site itself (technical SEO) without a Spell Check page, which I am developing, has traffic of only 10-30 visitors per day.
Question: can this internal page somehow incorrectly define the theme of my site, which is why the main page is visited only a 10-30 times a day?
I'm thinking: maybe I can delete this Spell Checker and set a 301 redirect to the main page (or other SEO tools) and then traffic to the site will be exactly on the SEO theme?
Or does it have no effect and after deleting the page my traffic will remain the same?

Title: Re: Non tematical traffic
Post by: JessicaTurner on 10-11-2020, 19:49:44
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Title: Re: Non tematical traffic
Post by: ElizabethRGoff on 10-12-2020, 03:38:08
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