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Root Domain Link Building Vs Internal Page Link Building

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Hello Friends i have an Ecommerce Website Please Suggest me which one is the best way to build a backlink for my website.

I Used Anchor Text in off page submission and gives back link to root domain or Internal Pages is which one is more effective. 

 Webmasters have to decide where to give the backlinks for either the root domain or the internal pages. If branding is the focus then backlink the root domain but if one wants to target specify pages then backlink the internal pages.

To create good quality backlinks, i strongly suggest you target high domain and authority websites like CNN, DELL, Mozilla, pinterest, adobe, WordPress, blogger etc. just register and create a user profile on them, then input your website link or in form of an anchor text in the profile settings. you can also make use of social network and social bookmarking sites to create good backlinks too. but note that all these must be done MANUALLY to make your link building look very natural.

Harikrishna Patel:
Root Domain Link Building: If you are doing link building for the purpose of branding then webmaster pass the backlink to the root domain.

Internal Page Link Building: When you want to target any specific website page then webmaster pass backlink to the internal page.

Do backlinking of root as well as internal pages (both). It is because when you build backlinks for only one page then Google noticed it and started to consider it as negative factor that why too much backlinks are pointing to one page only. I have experienced that fact that's why I am telling this to you. So, do backlinking of root as well as internal pages so that it gives a natural look to the Google and other search engines.


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