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Title: SEO And 2015
Post by: jaysh4922 on 12-18-2014, 23:01:12
Most of the webmasters asks question about the SEO techniques of 2015 and according to my knowledge the most everlasting and working technique of SEO is links from quality relative site. I think this technique will never die.
Title: Re: SEO And 2015
Post by: RH-Calvin on 12-22-2014, 22:10:43
Every update of Google was related to quality to rank your website in search engines. Therefore it is clear that we require to work more on quality compared to quantity of anything you do to build and promote your website online.
Title: Re: SEO And 2015
Post by: Siservices on 12-23-2014, 00:37:18
There is no second thought in any update from Google that quality is hampered, You look back 8 years back also then also quality matters and still it matters to get good results. you just have to change things according to time and apply new strategies. Google has never said that sites that are poor in quality will take you to the top.
Title: Re: SEO And 2015
Post by: Prabha Yadav on 02-03-2015, 03:38:39
Yes SEO in 2015 mostly depend on doing smart work, after Google updates you required get best back links by high qualities websites,web 2.0 Blogs and unique content sharing use through images.   
Title: Re: SEO And 2015
Post by: George D on 02-03-2015, 05:43:54
Write unique and relevant content.
Start from Local SEO.
Post Blog, Articles with unique content and share them on social media platform.
Create Mobile Friendly website with proper navigation, link structure.
Do back link audit report once in month.

Title: Re: SEO And 2015
Post by: SahilFruits on 05-04-2015, 06:00:46
SEO will be more focused on quality content than linking from top domains. Back-links from top domains now treated as older strategy & most of the search engine concentrate on Content of site.