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I have been doing in-house SEO for a while, but I am now looking to move to freelancing. While in-house SEOing I can just implement, or have the developer implement, all my ideas.
When I go freelance I will need to produce professional completed reports. Are any of you seasoned professionals on here able to give me a heads up on how to go about this?

There are several methods of SEO freelanced work.  I usually send an SEO report through Google spreadsheets:  You will need a google account before using it, then you send over detailed work of your SEO report, and send an invite to the document to the user's e-mail via the sharing function of Google's spreadsheet.  Any additional info can be put in e-mail :)

Great thing to do which looks professional is using adobe acrobat, by making a PDF.

This is simple all you have to do is create the report in Microsoft Word, then type into Google "Free PDF Converter" enter your file and you will be send a PDF version, you could then forward that to your customer.

A PDF looks very professional, especially with pie charts and graphics in it.



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