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After a year or two year long link building SEO word, the new website is attended the sitelink structure by Google. A sitelink has at most 8 site links.

Now the question is:

Suppose that we have a new website for making SEO which has less than 8 site links. For instance it has totally 3 or 4 links including main page. And we make a long and successful SEO and backlink process for more than a year. Then what will happen in terms of sitelink on Google?

When we search the name of the website, what will we see in terms of sitelinks?
Only 3 or 4 of them or none?

Do we have any disadvantage of having less than 8 links especially 3-4 site links? Do we have to use an average of 8 site links for SEO website?

Sitelinks are created by Google, not by you. They display sitelinks they think are relevant through their own process. They are typically pulled from your navigation but not always, and not every navigation link is always pulled. It is obviously advantageous to have more sitelinks if Google gives them to you because it pushes other search results a little farther down.

I think he means web pages in a website before indexing yeaH?  Maybe not but my golden rule is 5 web pages before you submit it to a website and have them all linked good luck

You can't choose which sitelinks or how many for that matter are display by google. That's up to them. They decide what they feel are good sitelinks that search engine users would find useful.


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