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Title: socialbookmarksite submitted
Post by: jamespaterson on 06-25-2012, 23:37:01
hii,,i james paterson ,,
im looking for socialbookmarksite marketing , were can give me a large of order .
i want to offering a great deal that can provide you with income ,,
more order can u give,,more money can u get ..

here is my company profile :

J LINK advertise
locate in indonesian
formed since 2010 ,,
have about 50 staff who experienced an a great skills .
our work is manual socialbookmarksite submitted .
we have already submitted many site of blog,company,personal profile,article in indonesian or out indonesian .
we have a lower price in every package of socialbookmarksite submitted ,,
our socialbookmarksite list (pg3-about) .

if you interest to my offering ,, please pm me for more details info ..
thanks ,,