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stable exclusive socks4 and socks5 for your business


Hello all members and guests of!

I offer stable exclusive SOCKS4/SOCKS5/http-proxy for your business! They are fast, friendly, and fully anonymous.

The main advantages of my SOCKS:

- 100% exclusive - none of your SOCKS is shared with other people
- OUT IP ROTATION every 10 MIN !!!
- 1 SOCKS supports up to 10 simultaneous connections
- IP country selection - if you need IPs from a certain country or region
- you can tie up to 10 IPs to my SOCKs!
- average throughput is 512 kbit/s
- SOCKS work with any PHP scripts with cURL. They also operate programs written on C, C++, Delfi and other popular languages.
You can use socks with Xrumer, Proxifier, IM clients (QIP, ICQ, Yahoo, GTalk, PSI etc), browsers (Internet Explorer,
Firexox, Google Chrome, Opera)
- friendly support guaranteed


50 SOCKS for 24 hours = $15
50 SOCKS for 1 week = $75
50 SOCKS for 1 month = $250
and if need 100, 250, 500 SOCKS

Refund Policy: I provide FREE TEST of 10 SOCKS4/5/http-proxy for 24 hours for you to check how these socks will work with your software and for your purposes! Check that SOCKS I offer are really stable and active before you pay! After testing ---
There are no refunds but I assure you that there will never be a problem as my clients have been using them for months smoothly and successfully.

Generally orders can take like 3-5 hours to be completed, but depending on amount of current orders it can take up to 5-7 hours.

These SOCKS are perfectly fine for black hat purposes. Great solution for all who appriciate stability and quality!

For more information or test request please contact me via icq: 63766551seven, or JABBER:, or MSN:


seems  a little expensive. I am using proxybonanza and pay $6 for a month.


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