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Title: The Mobile-first Indexing update
Post by: apwebsolutions on 11-16-2016, 07:20:44
Google announced recently that they are in the process of experimenting with an algorithm update where they will primarily read the mobile version of the website's content instead of the desktop version. This is to adapt to the fact that most Google queries are on mobile devices.

Read the full article here: (

Apparently, it is not going to take effect for several months, but I think it might be time to check any websites you have or manage, that have different (possibly less) content on the mobile versions of the site. Although they have said that it is likely not going to affect rankings, I doubt how much of that we can believe.

Do share your experience and thoughts on this.
Title: Re: The Mobile-first Indexing update
Post by: simran606 on 11-22-2016, 00:40:28
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Title: Re: The Mobile-first Indexing update
Post by: SEO.Ninja on 11-23-2016, 03:26:43
Google mobile first indexing update is based on Mobile. Those who are running a campaign and their website is mobile friendly then Google will index those site firstly rather than non-mobile friendly sites. But it requires a mobile tracking code same as Google analytics, we have to put the tracking code on mobile of the website.
Title: Re: The Mobile-first Indexing update
Post by: damponting44 on 11-23-2016, 03:38:51
Today, most people are searching on Google using a mobile device. However, our ranking systems still typically look at the desktop version of a page’s content to evaluate its relevance to the user. This can cause issues when the mobile page has less content than the desktop page because our algorithms are not evaluating the actual page that is seen by a mobile searcher.

Title: Re: The Mobile-first Indexing update
Post by: nancyv on 11-24-2016, 00:16:10
If you have a separate mobile site or use dynamic serving for mobile, you need to pay close attention to your traffic in the weeks and months ahead: Google algorithms will eventually primarily use the mobile version of a site’s content to rank pages from that site.

with this change, site owners should check their mobile pages to ensure their pages are serving the correct content to users.

Still waiting for more guidelines to be circulated by Google before planning for Mobile first Index strategy for my websites.