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Okay so I was wondering this the other day; if people think a site is popular (even if its not) will they come back more?  Personally I think the answer is yes, if I go on a site and see things that make me think the site is fresh and new and active, I'll probably give it a little bookmark or look around.  So I think a good idea to get visitors would be to make it look like your site is getting hundreds of thousands of people looking at it daily.  Obviously you'll want to make your content look and sound like you're getting that type of traffic but I was also thinking you could get a counter from and then make the starting count a high but random number like 383,924 so people think there are new visitors every few minutes.

Has anyone else tried this with the hit counter or tricked visitors like their site is super popular even if its not?

I hears this for the first time...Nice trick to bring back visitors..


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