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Which Linkbuilding type is best in 2022 except guest posting

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--- Quote from: golfmarketing55 on 09-06-2022, 07:39:07 ---As per my experience, following methods of link building are still valuable today:
1. Profile Submission
2. Business Listing Submission
3. Photo Sharing
4. Infographic Submission
5. Forum Submission
6. Document Submission
7. Web 2.0 Submission

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I already doing same all but is there anything else that is more effective than all of above??
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--- Quote from: bavya on 09-09-2022, 03:53:09 ---Press Release
Website 2.0 Submission and
Business Listing are the best type of link building.

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Hmm Thanks but I am doing them already :D
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--- Quote from: Chris_Tax on 09-09-2022, 18:39:45 ---Thank you for your article on Which Linkbuilding type is best in 2022 except guest posting

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hahaah welcome :D

My suggestions are
             Forum submission
             Image submission
             Blog Submission
             Article submission
             Infographic submission
             Direct listing

There are various activities you can do in SEO off page activities but as per your question you can do Web 2.0 activities it is best and very beneficial SEO off page activities.


--- Quote from: fuzailseo on 08-07-2022, 19:10:07 ---Hi everyone, I would like to ask to my seniors and juniors by the courtesy of this forum that which Linkbuilding type is considered best in 2022 except guest posting?

waiting to you guys response :)

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