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Why do blackhat ?

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I really shouldn't be coming into this forum but I just wanted to ask all of you black hatters why do it ? I mean you know that whatever you build is going to be shortlived and that the results won't last forever. In fact not only will the results diminish but your site will be penalised in the long term...

So why the hell bother doing black hat. It takes time for you to learn the ever changing environment and then what works for 3 months stops working all together a month later...

Sounds like a waste of time and effort ???  :P

Some people want to get quick results. That is all.

Yeah but how is it really quick if after all that effort your google rankings and everything gets stripped. you're back to square one aren't you.... so technically it's not quick at all....  :-*

It helps because it's a quick buck in the pocket for most people. Most people aren't interested in running a full time business which needs to grow slowly. With script kiddies and what not out there it's all about earning that quick $300-$400 and doing a runner so you can fuel your drug habits or video gaming addictions  >:D

Agree with captaincaveman, only people from india and other poor countries generally do it. They're just in it for a quick buck! and for them that quick buck goes a long way buddy! They won't have to work for a year for a quick black hat search engine job!


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