What is Google Suggest or Autocomplete?

Author Topic: What is Google Suggest or Autocomplete?  (Read 1736 times)

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What is Google Suggest or Autocomplete?
« on: 01-31-2018, 05:29:39 »
What is Google Suggest or Autocomplete?

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Re: What is Google Suggest or Autocomplete?
« Reply #1 on: 01-31-2018, 18:14:56 »
What is Google Suggest or Autocomplete?

Hmmm I feel like everyone is asking trick questions.

This answer is a continuation on another post I JUST made. If you do not mind I will copy that.
SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.

To answer this question the right way you need to realize what Google's job is.  Google has ONLY 1 job. It is to bring users like you and I, with the best possible result based on what you are looking for. In other words, it is their job to give you the best result of the keywords you enter into google to search for what ever it is you are looking for.

That is how google makes a ton of money. Happy users means they will choose google to browse the internet. This in turn attracts business owners to BE on google so they can get infront of the clients (users) and to make it "easier" to be seen by clients/users, they will pay google money to be on top of the search results (adworks).
It is a bit more complicated that this but for now lets assume it is this way.

So now.. I said up there, people pay money... a TON of money to be first on the results. HOWEVER, you can also get on top of the search results.. for FREE! Yup.
We are one of these people. If you look at my username here.. that is the most sought after key phrase people enter to look for companies that deliver house buying services.  We rank 1 (actually we take several spots on the first page of google, because we have several websites).

Well SEO makes this possible. If you sprinkle the keywords over you page, get links pointing to trusted sites from within your page and also get other trusted sites point to your website via backlinks, (SEO) google translate this as "Ohh these guys must be the authority in their field, let me rank them high because people would find their site valuable".

So google will rank you high, you are found by internet surfers and hopefully you do great business.

That is pretty much the skinny on SEO and why it is important.

OK so now that you are up to speed with what SEO is... it all starts with people searching for terms on google.

Let's say you need to sell your house really urgently.. your per cockroach died and need an elaborate funeral...  pick a reason.

So you want to make sure that people will fin your site right?

What do you think people would search for if they need to sell your house fast?
"Help my cockroach died I need to sell my house fast"? Not likely.
But definitely "I need to sell my house fast", how about I need to sell my home fast"? How about "House cash buyers", How about "Home cash buyers"
See what I am getting at? You want to make sure you sprinkle all these key phrases in your content so to be sure that people will find you no matter which variation of words they are looking for.

So the Google suggest, is just a way for google to help you give you suggestions that people ALSO used the suggested terms to find the solution. So yes it is important you take notice of these keywords. Why?? because if you don't your competitor will, and guess who will be outranking you?
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Re: What is Google Suggest or Autocomplete?
« Reply #2 on: 02-01-2018, 07:14:48 »
Google Suggest is the name of Google's auto-complete function. If a user enters a letter or a word in Google's search field, they are automatically shown associated terms in a dropdown menu. These suggestions are generated based on the most frequently searched terms.


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