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Title: Why Should You Optimize Your Website for Mobile
Post by: dharam.t on 04-27-2016, 10:22:29
Put simply, because your website will lose out on a big chunk of prospects if it’s not optimized for mobile. The number of smartphone users grows daily, and no business can afford to ignore a market that massive. As the web world turns towards mobile, your business has a chance to reach out to an ever-expanding pool of users. To understand the real benefits, take a look at a few key findings:

Mobile or smartphones now contribute some 20% of all Internet traffic in the world.
Some 2 billion users in the world now use mobile devices to access the web.
Mobile-based searches make up 25% of all searches.
Brands are viewed more favorably by consumers when they offer a good mobile experience.
One out of three customers will abandon their transaction if the shopping cart is not optimized for mobile.
Over 50% of mobile users will leave the page if the loading time is more than 3 seconds.
Title: Re: Why Should You Optimize Your Website for Mobile
Post by: RH-Calvin on 05-02-2016, 23:47:13
Mobile optimization can be done by building a responsive design for your website. This helps to access your website from various adaptable devices such as mobiles and tablets. This helps to improve your website ranking and builds good traffic from various sources.
Title: Re: Why Should You Optimize Your Website for Mobile
Post by: TomClarke on 05-03-2016, 02:54:07
Simple thing: if you apply the theory of evolution to your mobile website, you have got to either adapt to the changing times or miss out on revenue-generating opportunities for your business. 70% of mobile  searchers lead to action on website within one hour. That is a huge opportunity you could be missing out on if your website is not optimized for mobile users, especially if your competition has already embraced that idea.
Title: Re: Why Should You Optimize Your Website for Mobile
Post by: halley_pham on 05-11-2016, 00:54:00
Website optimized for mobile users is a huge factor help any website rank in the first page. As you can see, nowadays no website in competitive fields can rank in the first page without being optimized for mobile users. In other hand, Optimizing website for mobile help you increase conversion rate. A significantly increasing trend in searching information before purchasing one product via desktop. Therefore, if ur website can't display well in mobile, you are losing so many good chance toacquire more customer  !-!