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Right we all know what Wikipedia is - everyone has seen/used or been around the fantastic site.

It has helped me with my homework more times than I can remember, but it can help you with your link building too.

This is a blackhat(ish) technique, what you have to do is run to Wikipedia, then sign up so you can edit things then find an article related to your website you can edit - edit some text and on references at the bottom put your website.

This will give you an increase in traffic!

To edit something at wikipedia you can not register.
I agree this  trick works. But your concurrent can delete your text and place his one.

For me, it was great to edit in Wikipedia if the information you will be going to add was useful and have a sense. But if you will be going to vandalize the page, it can rupture the reputation of the Wikipedia. So just have a discipline to our selves.


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