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XRumer for captcha decoding


Gents! The new XRumer > 5.012 will seemingly come out soon and botmaster (see forum) claims, that they can even defend recaptcha... wow

Once there was a discussion ongoing if it is possible to use XR for captcha decoding by providing fake forum sites, upload there your captchas and let it decode by XR.

Did anybody made here progress? I am mainly concerned about how XR determines which captcha has to be solved (maybe by recognizing the site type) and this would mean to provide different "hаcked/customized" forums/blog. Anybody here with some hints/ideas?

I think that they changed the name because of that Xrumer 6 unleashed bullcrap. Why else would they all of a sudden change it? It always used to say Xrumer 6. That Xrumer 6 unleashed membership is to expensive. If they actually get customers they will make allot of money off of the Xrumer name. So i think Botmaster did a switch up.


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