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Title: Yext, worth it or not?
Post by: Dixie on 02-01-2018, 13:09:49
So there is a lot of debate about business directories being worth it or not. I have always said yes it is worth it because no matter what, you get a citation out of it.

But here I am talking about entering your business for free.

Now I am talking about Yext. If you do not know what that is please dont answer. I am actually looking  for serious informative replies.
It is a 500 dollar service. Any of you using it? Did it actually help with the rankings?
Title: Re: Yext, worth it or not?
Post by: SeoServicesKC on 03-20-2018, 07:35:35
If you are a local business in a high competition market, I believe Yext to be worth it, just make sure all your new profiles/business listings get indexed by Google. You can check this by using "" in Google. If a profile is not indexed by Google, you can request it to be indexed by the Submit to Index Tool in Google Search Console.
Title: Re: Yext, worth it or not?
Post by: AliceFowell89 on 06-12-2018, 22:49:49
Yext is worth it only if you are in highly competitive marketplace otherwise there is no need to include this directory for seo campaigns.