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Title: Affiliate Program
Post by: jaysh4922 on 03-20-2014, 05:04:16
You can join other peoples affiliate programs in which case they will supply you with a small piece of code that you can insert into your website which will display an advert for their service or product. Different affiliate programs work in different ways but you will receive a small payment when visitors to your website either click on the link or make a sale using the link.
Title: Re: Affiliate Program
Post by: saravjeet on 11-25-2016, 03:43:55
SEO Affiliate Programs. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a necessity to bring in valuable organic traffic to websites. And because SEO services are so damn competitive they pay affiliates extremely well… (more…) Software Affiliate Programs.
Title: Re: Affiliate Program
Post by: luffy268 on 12-14-2016, 00:30:41
Having an affiliate program is the most powerful way to market your products online. There are a number of benefits when you use an affiliate program that includes:
 Increased sales
 Drive traffic to your site
 Generate qualified leads
 Extend the reach of your brand
 Better search engine rankings
 Manage your affiliates and ads all in one place
 The ultimate viral marketing strategy
 Keep most of your profits (only share with your affiliates who directly help you sell)