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AliExpress offer in ePN Network

We continue our conversation about the most popular offer in ePN.
Of course, we are talking about AliExpress.

This is one of the most profitable and stable offers of the ePN partner network, since it is a world-famous trading platform on which millions of purchases are made daily. Hundreds of thousands of sellers offer their products at very attractive prices. And if you consider that in most cases the delivery is free (or at a symbolic price), then buying on AliExpress is the best option of all possible.

ePN is an official partner of AliExpress and cooperates with it directly without intermediaries. To become an official partner of this marketplace, you need to pass a serious quality check and earn trust. That is why we offer one of the highest and most stable commissions for orders on AliExpress (up to 70%).

The main advantages of AliExpress
Prices. In this store you will find some of the lowest prices for products from China and other countries, so fans of Chinese gadgets and electronics will not find a better place to buy them.

Assortment. There is literally everything here — from toothpicks to 3D printers. In social networks and forums, you can find hundreds of articles, public posts and channels that tell about the most unusual, useful and other finds on AliExpress.

Delivery. Despite the fact that VAT is now in effect when delivering orders to European countries, AliExpress retains free shipping to many countries of the world, including Europe. The average time for receiving an order is from 14 to 30 days. Some sellers offer expedited delivery, and sometimes goods can be ordered from warehouses in Europe. In this case, the delivery time is reduced to 7-10 days.

What does ePN expect from you?

Permitted traffic types:

Banner advertising, RichMedia, E-mail newsletter, Public groups/communities in social networks. networks, Teaser networks, Doorways, Content Sites, SMS Newsletters, Push Ads, Cashback service, Price Comparison, Toolbars and Plugins, Mobile Traffic, Coupon/Promo code Aggregators, YouTube channels, Messengers (telegram)

By agreement:

Contextual advertising, Remarketing, Targeted advertising

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