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Building Blocks to Online Success


In order to build websites that make money there are some basic elements to understand. These are 3 essential elements for establishing a website capable of financial success.

The first element is to target a hungry market in which people are willing to pull out their wallets and spend on what you have to offer.  Therefore, having sites that can offer products and information people want badly is a necessity. 

The second element is to create a site that naturally leads people through a process.  For example, a strategy would be to have an autoresponder. If information is powerful and valuable enough then people will be more than willing to provide their name and email address.  In turn, this will benefit both sides in that you will build a mailing list while they get vital info.  Many people attempt to go “straight for the throat” and sell to people right away.  But by building a relationship, gaining trust, and developing report you will get more than just a sale.  In short, the more you give the more you get.

Having a marketing system that is effective is the third element.  The more viral a website is the better.  This means that people will want to share the information you’re offering and the site will be capable of allowing them to do this easily. An example of this is Myspace and Facebook. By making the website viral it will fit into the way people already use the internet, which is in a social and interactive manner.  The greater the mindset for making a website that fits this criteria then the more success it will attract.

A Website needs pillars for a strong foundation, and these elements could make the difference between struggling and making a living online.


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