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Dear Partners,

Spring season is over and we would like to thank our partners for fruitful work and great sales. We promise that in future, traffic will be generated to your best advantage!

Meanwhile we’d like to tell you that our team works hard on the improvement of affiliate program features and we are happy to share our results:

1.Wordpress template for has been updated and supports mobile traffic now

2. landing page is available for all partners from their online accounts. A responsive WP-template is also available for download. According to partners’ reviews, this is the best way to convert UK traffic on the market now.

3. Order form has also been updated on all websites. According to usability and a/b testing results, the time of the order placement is now 30% faster and the conversion rates are 14% higher
We would like to remind you that our team is always ready to help our partners with technical issues, reports semrush/ahrefs and content creation. Feel free to contact us!

Dear webmasters!

The new spring season in the essay niche is already gaining momentum! From mid-March to the end of May, students most often resort to the help of paper writing services, wishing to successfully cope with the piled-up assignments and academic debts.

Start increasing your traffic volume today and the results will not keep you waiting ;)
The most common types of work during this period are essay, research paper, case study and more expensive thesis and dissertation. I would like to remind you that we accept traffic from social networks, forums, review sites, discount sites, doorways, ppc, seo.

We wish you fruitful work and big checks!

For any questions, please contact here:
skype: edu-affiliates
telegram: @edu_affiliates

Hello, friends!

If you have student traffic, give it a try to monetize it with Edu-Affiliates, reliable affiliate program in the essay writing niche!

We provide custom writing services for students from US, Canada, UK and Australia. A team of professional freelance writers who have passed a complex application process and verified their academic background delivers the best essays, term papers, dissertations and many other academic papers upon the request of students. 
Generally, webmasters get 7 repeated orders per one client, which indicates the excellent quality of completed orders and the effectiveness of our constant optimizations on selling sites. The price of the order depends on the type of work, number of pages, chosen author and the deadline, and on average is $130.

There are two payment models available:
✔ Revenue share with 55% commission of the first order of a new client and 15% of repeated orders. After accumulating more than 100 orders, you will be paid 70% and 20%, respectively.
✔ CPL with $10 payment per each verified lead.

For your convenience, payments are made on an individual request to Payoneer, PayPal, Wire transfer, Webmoney, Bitcoin, Capitalist, Visa/ Master card.

To make your work easier, we have prepared an extensive collection of promotional materials for downloading: banners, WordPress templates, discount coupons, calculator widgets, landing pages and keywords.

You can register by clicking the link here:

We wish you a high conversion :)

Hello everyone!

We are frequently asked what traffic sources our affiliate program accepts.
In fact, the choice is vast and varied: SEO, PPC, SMM, native, in-app, push, e-mail, youtube, doorway traffic, traffic from thematic resources such as forums, review/ discount sites, etc.

If you promote with PPC, use low-frequency, long-tail queries. They are the ones that bring the highest quality traffic, which is then converted into buyers. Conversion from high-frequency keys is lower.
Bear in mind that essay niche is considered gray. You need to offer help, recommendations, advice on how to write a paper. Take a delicate approach and do not offer to  buy/ order a work directly.  If the restrictions cannot be circumvented, cloaking comes to the rescue.

Articles, reviews, thematic prelanders, doorways are the main sources of search traffic. The most important thing here is the search keywords. Commercial, narrower keywords will help you find warm leads.

With targeted advertising on Facebook, you need to draw a portrait of the target audience, segment it by interests and only then launch the campaign. Use only heated advertising accounts because there is a risk of being banned. You can also create a student group of an entertainment or informational nature in any social network and promote the offer there.

If you have questions regarding getting student traffic, feel free to contact our support:

Come to make money with Edu-Affiliates!

Greetings, colleagues!

Understanding the customer profile provides an effective marketing approach and fosters conversion rate growth. Let us consider the key features of customers in this specific essay-writing vertical!

To begin with, the audience can be divided into two groups: 18-24 year old undergraduate students and 25-30 year old recipients of Master's or PhD degrees (postgraduates).

Writing services are relevant for most English-speaking countries. The priority goes to the United States, Canada, Great Britain, Australia. Besides, it is worth taking into account wealthy ESL students who came to study from the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, and China.

Services are often used by 1) foreign students, 2) students combining work with study, 3) students who urgently need to pass a problematic course.
If the first ordered paper suits them, they often resort to repeated orders and become regular customers.

Paper writing services trigger some ethical issues, resulting in fears of being caught by mates or teachers. Thus, it is so important to focus on guarantees of anonymity and security in your ad. Another weighty argument students may like is the uniqueness of the text, high speed of writing and acceptable quality of the text.

We will be glad to welcome both pros and beginners to the Edu-Affiliates program!
High-quality offers, good rates and a lot of rebills are guaranteed.


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