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Edu-Money - The Best Affiliate Network In Custom Writing Niche!

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Edu-Money - The Best Affiliate Network In Custom Writing Niche!

Students from all over the world do not want to write their homework due to lack of time, constant work and other reasons. Our offers professionally help solve their problems with essays and other papers, for which they are willing to pay generously. You, in turn, can earn the lion's share of each student’s order.

Edu-Money is a full cycle company working with any kind of student traffic.
We are 4 years old, and during this time, our affiliates successfully continue to work with various types of traffic from Doorways to Google Ads. We help our affiliates and develop cases for them. We also focus on the continuous improvement of the offers which increases the profit. We have a wide range of seasonal and non-seasonal papers, which allows to earn all year round.

With us you will earn from 55% for sales and from 20% for returns of customers.
Your customers are assigned to you forever and return on average 7-9 times. We focus on the quality of work and take care of all the refunds.
We have integrated the CPL system - convert the relevant traffic into dollars. For each registration you will earn from $10, and we will take care of the rest.

Invite your friends and earn with the referral program!
We have customers from all over the world, but our main GEO are: the USA, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand.

In your personal account in the promo section you will find:
 - Keys;
 - Banners;
 - Widgets;
 - Website templates;
 - Referral link;
 - Coupons.
New are email templates!

We are ready to help our affiliates in setting up, prompting and advising.
Everything for your successful work and achievement of the desired income.


CPL from 10$
Sales from 55%;
Returns from 20%;
Payments any day on request;
Average check ~ $100;
The personal manager who will help and prompt;
A wide selection of promotional materials;

Payments through WebMoney, PayPal, Payoneer, Yandex money, Wire Transfer, Capitalist, Bitcoin, Qiwi, cash in Kyiv.

Help students and earn money in dollars!

All questions here:
Telegram: @edumoney
Skype: live:info_565789
ICQ: 675144772

To the personal account!

Fingerprints and how to outwit them

Dear friends, the most useful affiliate network Edu-Money is here again. Today we will talk about such a burning topic as privacy and anonymity on the internet.

This topic will be especially useful for affiliates who use PBN or AdWords cloaking specialists. Both of these types of traffic attraction are extremely popular in the custom writing niche (along with the doorways), so the article will be interesting for both beginners and experienced affiliates. Even if you work in white niches and are not going to break any rules, it will not be superfluous to use the described tools and their analogues for comfortable and secure work on the network.

Read the article


Friends, new calculators that can be placed on the website are already available in your personal account. Also, for our affiliates, we are ready to give a hand and prepare promo materials on request, all for the successful monetization of your student traffic in dollars. Visit our website and click “START” of your earnings with Edu-Money!

To the personal account!

Edu-Money cancels off season!

Custom writing niche performed well during the global pandemic. Half of the summer has already passed and orders are still coming in. But the fact of seasonality remains problematic. We take care of our partners and help them in every possible way to maintain a high level of income in the off-season.

To make the off-season faster and the preparation for the autumn season more efficient, Edu-Money gives + 10% to the partners' profit from each order from August 15 to September 15. To participate in the promotion, you need to make only 1 sale during the promotion period.

The bonus includes + 10% for both sales and returns of the customers for all participants in the promotion. The additional bonus will be paid in a convenient way for you within a week after the end of the promotion.

We canceled the off-season and recommend to start preparing for the academic year of students right now. It is necessary to meet the autumn season fully equipped to have the maximum profit from the end of September. You can register and take part by the link:


Updating the Chinese offer

Due to the increase in the number of orders from China, we have updated the design of the offer for Asian countries.

Twice as many students from China and Singapore have become interested in ordering writing papers in English this year, which has allowed this audience to overtake Europe by 40%. It is important to emphasize that wealthy Chinese students also study at prestigious universities in Europe, America, and the Gulf countries. To single out such students among hundreds of thousands of others, their love for their mother language and culture will help you. These students prefer to look for services for academic assistance not only in English, but also in their native language, despite their studying and the need for writing papers in English. And therefore the language of their devices is also often native.

We understand that the Chinese language can cause difficulties in collecting keys and composing banners. In order to eliminate the pain associated with translation, we have already prepared promotional materials for you. By clicking on the link below and registering, you will get access to your personal account with offers and promotional materials. Successfully monetize your student traffic from anywhere in the world!

To the personal account!


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