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Is email marketing good to promote affiliate product ?

Hello Friend,

Email marketing is good to promote your business. It's a direct marketing to give information for your business details.



I thing that first thing to ensure before promoting affiliate products is that you should have a website that not only relies on the affiliate link but also impressive and good quality content!
Recently, I read an article about some new ideas that will work this year. Here some of them: product giveaway, comparison post, create a series article around the product,  create videos explaining about the product, create an alternative products post, create a post when product adds new feature! There are many other ideas! You can show your creativity and come up with your own, unique ideas!
Good luck!


Anthony Smith:
I think the form of email marketing is great!
But you need to know about it more! The use of them!
Myself also a mail list, but it's too messy!
Not distinguish what is self-mail potential customers!
You need to build and collect more mail list!
Very useful for later! good luck!

It's not only a good way to promote affiliate product but it's also one of the cheapest way to promote. Although it's important to have a strategy for it because you can loose potential clients. It's not easy nowadays to encourage someone to just click.


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