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How To Create Blog Topic Ideas


Are you having trouble thinking of new blog article ideas? There are techniques you can use to almost never run out of ideas and keep them flowing!

One way to keep fresh ideas rolling is to make a list of topics. Always keep a notebook to quickly jot down an idea when it comes to mind. In my experience, many ideas pop up to mind when one is not thinking hard at all, or even while writing an article. When a topic comes to mind, it is a good idea to write it down right away; when it is fresh in mind.

The more ideas you write down, the more you free your mind of the stress of recalling those ideas later; it is a lot easier to create more ideas on a stress free mind. So get all your thoughts out so you can think one thing at a time in a more relaxed state of mind.

A paper full of ideas is better than nothing at all, and a lot more motivating. This will help your mind from “jamming” up.

Another method you can use to create ideas for a topic is to search for one online. There are many articles you can find on ezinearticles or goarticles and a lot of other article websites. Researching an article will get your mind in the flow of ideas. You can also find many topics on blogs related to your website. Any website in your niche will work fine. Just find a valuable source. I’m not saying copy articles, but viewing some helps to get some ideas rolling.

A great way to keep reader interest and engagement is to branch your ideas off one another. An example of this would be to break an article into a part of a series. Or, if you write an article about one topic in which you can elaborate more on a portion of the article, then you can have yourself a whole new topic on that portion itself. Again, an article of a series of articles is a great technique to engage ongoing readership.

Remember to always keep some type of notebook or pad with you at all times. You may get ideas in one instant, that you will fail to remember again. It is important to write ideas when they are fresh in your mind so you don’t forget later.

Good luck everyone!

Self improvement / personal development (how you overcame some obstacle or started a new habit, and what you learned)
Health & fitness for busy people.
Learning a new language.

These are the way to create a blog for more traffic on your site :

1. Finding the most popular topics. Every business wants to catch the attention of readers.
2. Discovering the most engaging headlines.
3. Finding the most popular questions people ask.
4. Perform content gap analysis.


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