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Title: My journey to making $100k per month from passive income
Post by: Wiley Harding on 12-06-2020, 23:58:09

I hope your day has been amazing. Have you ever wondered what it'd be like making $100k per month from passive income? The concept is simple, and everyone can do it. You can do it too! Only need to:
Actually, I always question when people said about making passive income before, but all changed when I figured out exactly how to successfully make $$$ with a reseller program. Oh FYI, I joined AppSally reseller program after being recommended by my friend. The reasons I choose them are because of the variety of marketing services offered from platforms that I familiar with to platforms that I never heard of before. Also, of course, due to low startup investment!

Here's what I already did:
Now, everything is set up and working correctly, it's time to scale up the marketing. I follow the suggestion from the internet that is to promote on social media regularly. So, I used my accounts on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to spread the words. What I did was first, follow targeted accounts that I think have my target audience, interacting with them, post my content in a consistent schedule. After about half a month, I start to see some sales coming in. Currently, this is my current progress ($2k+ revenue):


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[2nd update]

Hi, we meet again

Today is my second update and I will share a plan that has in mind to help me achieve my goals. I have 4 plans in my mind to help me earn more, but still figure out what can I do best here. If you guys have any idea or suggestion, please and please share with me.

My plan is:
As I said earlier I already run the Facebook Ads. What I already did was:
That's it for today, if you guys have any suggestion or opinions to help me, do reply here. See you again on my next update.
Title: Re: My journey to making $100k per month from passive income
Post by: Wiley Harding on 12-13-2020, 20:44:20
[3rd update]

Hi guys,

Phew, it's been so long since my last update. It's a tough situation for me moreover during this pandemic. Can't believe I'm doing well so far. Today I want to update my progress of doing Facebook Ads. You still remember that I run a campaign for page likes, click to the landing page which is my website, and boosted post? This is my result for Facebook Ads:


As you can see, the cost of:

Based on that, specifically, this is how much I receive for $5 per day:

Strategies that I used on Facebook Ads is creating ads that are eye-grabbing and clickable. I always make sure the visual is clear and use colors that get people's attention. Also, I play with curiosity & emotion, and guess what? It's successfully bringing more clicks! Still, I think I need to improve my ads campaign though...hmm what should I improve?  ???
Title: Re: My journey to making $100k per month from passive income
Post by: Wiley Harding on 12-17-2020, 19:58:26
[4th update]

First, I want to thank those who DM me and share useful tips about the Facebook ads campaign. Based on my progress so far, I learned that:
For that, I used a service from Fiverr to design Facebook Ads at $5. So far, I get more traffic to the website and more people added packages to cart. Next, I would like to expand my strategy to get more sales via email marketing. I will start sending the newsletter to recurring customers and engage with them.
Title: Re: My journey to making $100k per month from passive income
Post by: Wiley Harding on 12-20-2020, 22:21:11
[5th update]

Good day,

Last time I did mention will start using email marketing to help me get more sales and what I already did was:
When sending emails, I pay more attention to send personalized messages, for example, I mention the customer name in the email. After that, use clear CTA with intriguing words that make customers click, and make sure all emails are mobile-friendly emails as many customers always use a phone to open the email. This one is very important – Use clickable subject email.

P.S. Test and find out the subject email that works for you because without clicked, all the useful content and your sell pitch will not be seen.
Title: Re: My journey to making $100k per month from passive income
Post by: Wiley Harding on 01-04-2021, 01:25:14
[6th update]

Hello everyone,

Today, I'm a bit sad because my email campaign did not go as well as I expected. But is okay, I took that as a lesson. After about 2 weeks of doing this and the result wasn't what I aim for plus due to some problem that I will tell you later, I decided to change my email marketing platform. Before that, here are some of the results of my email marketing campaign:


What makes me decide to change the email marketing platform is I cannot afford the cost of Mailchimp as they charge users for unsubscribed contacts. Also, I discovered that actually, I can use Metorik engage newsletter which can be integrated with my WooCommerce store. That all for today, will update you next step soon.
Title: Re: My journey to making $100k per month from passive income
Post by: Wiley Harding on 01-14-2021, 23:56:56
[7th update]

Hi guys, hope all of you are doing well and be better in 2021!

In my previous post, I mentioned using Metorik for my Woocommerce store. Metorik helps a lot to manage Woocommerce store and they offered helpful features such as Reports, Carts, Costs & Profit, Engage, Segmenting, Digest, Subscriptions, Export Data, and Integrations. For an email marketing campaign, I'm able to send targeted & customized automated emails to customers easily by using Metorik engage newsletter. So far, this is the best result that I got:


My next plan is to work on content marketing. I aim to increase exposure within targeted customers who might hang around forums etc. Stay tuned!
Title: Re: My journey to making $100k per month from passive income
Post by: Wiley Harding on 01-24-2021, 00:38:15
[8th update]

I decided to start my content marketing strategy with Quora. I believe you guys know what is Quora. It's a potential Q&A platform to venture into as you can address your target audience's problems there. I start with Quora because it's FREE! How it works is:

Sound easy, but not so easy. First, in finding questions to answer, I choose questions that relevant and have my target audience, high in views, and the answers there are not spam answers because it will be hard to rank if that is the case. Second, I answered the question interestingly, make it valuable, and inject some humor so it's not mundane. The last step is to get some upvote for it! This is an example of an answer with #1st rank and receives reasonable tractions to help its ranks.

Title: Re: My journey to making $100k per month from passive income
Post by: Wiley Harding on 02-03-2021, 02:51:11
[9th update]

Hello there,

Remember last time I post about marketing on Quora? Today, I would like to share what I found regarding how to make answer's stick, be on top rank, as well as why some answers got deleted. Ouch!

To make the answer stick + be on higher rank:

Possibility for the answer to getting deleted:
There you go. So far, in terms of conversion wise, this channel really helps me to acquire $$$!
Title: Re: My journey to making $100k per month from passive income
Post by: Wiley Harding on 02-08-2021, 02:57:38
[10th update]

My next plan for content marketing besides Quora is I want to further expand on other platforms such as Medium. What I do is publish new content on Medium around a theme that is related to what I'm doing currently. Along with that, I also explore how to create a blog or forum and plan to use it as content in my email marketing. After doing some research, I decided to create myBB forum.

Steps to create a forum in myBB:
The cost incurred to create the forum is free. Some people suggest to me about using video marketing to get more visibility and sales. I have some plans in mind, will update you on the next post.
Title: Re: My journey to making $100k per month from passive income
Post by: Wiley Harding on 02-10-2021, 02:56:04
[11th update]

Hi, hope all doing well!

I want to start video marketing on YouTube to get more awareness and customers. The content plan for the video are:
So far, I plan to create an animated video first. Next, before publish a video on YouTube, do check on your YouTube metadata. I overlook this thing at first! These 6 basic but important things need to be on top-notch to make a video found easier.

It's keyword-rich video title, a thorough description that builds curiosity, have industry-specific tags, got upload video caption manually, set up cards to get viewers engaged, and the most important factor is video thumbnails. Why? Because if people did not click to watch a video, how we want to achieve the target isn't? For that, I get service to create intriguing thumbnails on Fiverr at $10. I'm expected to have this kind of thumbnails:

Title: Re: My journey to making $100k per month from passive income
Post by: Wiley Harding on 02-22-2021, 01:34:11
[12th update]

Hello everyone, today I'm here to update you on my current progress. I almost reach my target now, so excited! After some time doing marketing on the YouTube platform, my reach report starts to see improvement. There is an increase in subscribers, video views, and engagements after all the hard work made.

Lesson learned during working on YouTube are:
Of course, there are more. My next plan, I want to enhance video marketing besides YouTube and see that TikTok has the potential to bring more visibility and engage with customers. TikTok's videos are posted everywhere now. How should I begin and what important things that I need to be aware of?