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Title: need help in computer business
Post by: Steven01 on 05-23-2011, 17:55:52
CS Hotline provides unique support services for Computer Repair Businesses in US. We offer 24/7 Chat/Web/Telephone Support for computer repair business in US. We will fix your customer’s issue and you may just sit back and relax. You'll get a Toll Free number for your business with Elite Plan. Once a customer calls we will greet him with your business name. Say for e.g Thank you for calling Computer Repair. How may I assist you today? And we follow, no fix no fee.
Just think when you have a backup support team of 650+ professional technicians & that is also 24x7….Imagine how much impact it will give on your business…Your growth potential…your visibility.
Some of the things that we do are …
1. PC and MAC Support - Virus issues, Troubleshooting Windows and Mac Os, System restore, Optimization, Windows Installation and More.
2. Printer and Other Gadget Support - Support for Printer, Scanners, All in one, Mp3, PDA and more
3. Router and Network Set Up - Support for setting up New/Existing Wired or Wi-Fi Network, Printer/Hard drive Sharing, Configuration of firewall and more..
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