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Referral program in ePN Network

We got acquainted in detail with the earnings in ePN using the CPA model in the previous article, it's time to discuss other, more passive forms of income

Revenue Share is one of the most effective models of the affiliate program, in which the webmaster receives a share of the referral's income or the income of the affiliate network.
Based on the Revenue Share model, our ePN referral program works to attract webmasters.

Main advantages:
Available for all ePN offers
Geotargeting — Whole world
Remuneration —  5% of our income
The hold on remuneration payments is 14 days from the date of confirmation of the order to the referral
Statistics with everything you need: subid, clicks, hosts, leads, registrations, purchases
Many types of allowed traffic sources

Offer to work with the ePN affiliate network to your friends and acquaintances, invite experienced or novice colleagues and earn 5% of the income of the affiliate network from each confirmed lead made by the invited webmaster.

Join the ePN referral program right now and discover a new source of passive earnings


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